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Linda Smith's students interviewed people who knew war first hand

The Hawaii Connection

Follow these links to the Oral Histories:

Daisy Gleason -- interview by Sunny Layne
"Daisy was a nurse at the hospital at Diamond Head at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. She shared her first memories of the attack, "Suddenly, we heard a huge, heavy sound fly above us ..."

Alice Logan -- interview by Robbie James
"My father was a Japenese fisherman living near Pearl Harbor. He owned a small Sanpan with all sorts of radio equipment. That's probably why he was taken away ..."

Gladys Pualoa Ahuna-- interview by Jaime Pavcek
"After the attack on Pearl Harbor, we were issued gas masks at school. Sometimes during our classes we would have to get it out, clip it over our face, and ..."
Former US Senator Hiram Fong -- interview by Tiffany Nozowa
"I was a Chinese-American living at home at Alewa Heights. When I came out of my house, I was startled by a wizzling sound overhead. I heard on the radio that they had landed on the island ..."

Kats Kajiyama -- interview by Amy Smith
"I was only five years old living in Hiroshima when the bomb went off. I was at the school, inside, playing with a little friend when ..."
US Senator Daniel Inouye -- interview by Brooke Barnhill
Senator Inouye served in the European theater during WWII. He recalls that "When I lost my arm after being struck by an enemy grenade in Italy, I had to give up my dream of being a surgeon ..."
Fritz Vincken -- interview by Joalena Ashmare
"I was twelve years old living in Germany during the War. One night we heard a heavy knock at the door. My mother knew that we could be killed for harboring the enemy ..."

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