Oral History Project

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Cecilia Interview
Francisco Interview
Grandma by Stefani
Grandpa by Ronald
Mabel Interview
Illinois Students
Hawaii Students


Gary Bacon's students interviewed people in the San Francisco Bay Area

The California Connection

Interviews of Native Americans by students in The Learning Community

Felipe Galvan-- interview by Francisco Farruguia

"He was the type of man whose smile made me smile and whose words drew me closer. Right away I began to question him about his life, especially about his Ohlone connection ..."

Nick Baca -- interview by Mabel Parra

"I witnessed the suffrage of the people. They didn’t have enough food; they were forced to live in rooms full of adults and children who were sick and dying. It is sad to see what humans can do to other humans ..."

Felipe Galvan -- interview by Cecilia Barrenechea

"The feather started spinning around and created a whirlpool. It spun and spun until it stopped, then formed a crust. That was how the Earth was formed ..."

Interviews about growing up in America by students
in The Learning Community

Grandma -- interview by Stefani Sanford

"I was always interested in nursing. Yet, I wanted to help with problems that went beyond physical ailments. I thought I could do the most good that way ..."

My Grandfather's Odyssey-- interview by Ronald Feichtmeir

"We'd get about six good months out of the year, the other six weren’t so good. But, as kids, we got to play in the snow. I had a sled, skis, a toboggan and skates ..."

Sandra Worsham's students researched relics of the Deep South

Historic sites researched by students
at Baldwin High School

The Georgia Connection

We are providing space on our server for our fellow students in Milledgeville, Georgia, who, like us, have been conducting historical research in their communities.


Linda Smith's students interviewed residents of Laie, Hawaii

Interviews featuring the World War II era by students at Kahuku High School

The Hawaii Connection

We have shared our work with students in Laie, Hawaii, who, like us, have been conducting oral history research in their communities.


Jim Kerr's students researched American Indian sites in the Missouri Basin

Native American archaeological site by the students of Triad High School

The Illinois Connection

We are providing space on our server for our fellow students in St. Jacob, Illinois, who, like us, have been conducting research in their local community.


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