Politics of Expatriates

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The Politics of Expatriates in the U.S.

Boat people preparing for launch Poster of Cuban liberators. Boat people on their way to Miami. A mansion in Havana once owned by expatriated family Boat people swept overboard.
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"Listen. I hate communists, but I hate some of these exiles more."
Augstin Tamargo, a Cuban refugeeDissident Flag


"Beloved corpses, you that once
Were the hope of my Homeland,
Cast upon my forehead
The dust of your decaying bones!"
--quoted by Castro in his Courtroom Speech


The death of communism as a historical force, reflected in the transition of the ex-Soviet block into a pseudo Third World to be integrated into the planning of a global economy, leaves Cuban-Americans in a critical position; many observers assume that a socialist Cuba will go the way of Eastern Europe and China in the ideological stalemate between late-capitalism and authoritarian Socialism. Simultaneously, many Cuban expatriates living in the United States are preparing to invest in a post-Castro Cuba, to redress what they see as the economic injustices of the 1959 revolution.

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