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It is important to note that the Castro movement did not conduct the revolution under the auspices of Marxism, and that the installation of Socialism was seen as a structural method to secure the gains of '59.Che Guevara, Castro's comrade The Socialist economic structures were adopted latter, largely in response to a geo-political situation involving the Cold War.

The most significant of these gains for the Cuban population was the issue of land reform and this is the origin of what is now the movement of Cuban expatriates. Much of the land which was repossessed by the Castro government to be redistributed, belonged either to the United Fruit Co. (today Chiquita Banana) or wealthy Cuban plantation owners. These sectors fled with the installation of the opposition government, many to the Miami area. Propaganda efforts were orchestrated almost immediately, which included the distribution of leaflets and the dissemination of false information on Castro and the sentiments of the Cuban people. These efforts culminated in the failed Bay of Pigs, when the Cuban people failed to respond in the fashion the expatriate population (along with the CIA) had anticipated.

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