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    The religious community has also responded to the need for aid in Central America. ADRA and Food for the Hungry are two examples of religious organization doing development aid in Central America.

    Adventist Development and Relief Agency’s roots go back nearly 80 years. It was established just after World War I to send aid to Belgium, France, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, the Middle East, Russia and China. As one of the largest religious NGO’s, it now has an active presence in 143 countries world wide.

These are the different programs ADRA has:

Economic Development: The economic development

programs strive to increase the economic

self-sufficiency of poor families.

Food Security:  These programs address the

continuing problem of world hunger. 

Primary Health: Their primary health programs

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focus in improving the health and well-being of people in Central America.

Disaster Response and Preparedness:  They give emergency assistance such as health care, water, clothing, shelter and housing reconstruction.   

Basic Education:  They build schools and develop educational programs with special emphasis on female education.   



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