The following list of terms has been defined for your convenience.  We hope you find them helpful in better understanding our site.

Developmental aid:  Ongoing, long-term efforts by outside agencies to assist developing countries to improve their way of life. Developmental aid continues for at least 1 year.  It's purpose is to improve the general well being of the people who are being helped.

Relief aid: Urgent, short-term efforts by outside agencies.   Relief aid usually consists of medical attention, rescue operations, and giving a limited supply of food and water.  It's purpose is to assist countries in restoring their way of life following a disaster.  Relief aid is designed to bring people from lowered conditions due to a disaster, back to how they normally are.  It only deals with urgent problems that don't take very long to fix.

NGOs:  Non-governmental organizations active in development or relief efforts.  They are not organized or run by the government.  Some don't ask for grants from the government.  A portion of these organizations don't accept governmental grants.

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