Jim Kerr's students researched Pre-Columbian Archaeology

The Illinois Connection

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Instructor's notes - by James Kerr, Ph.D.

An introduction to a research project conducted by the students of Triad High School in St. Jacobs, Illinois. The study focused on the Cahokia Indian settlements in southern Illinois.

The Cahokia Mounds -- by Ryan Metcalf

Explore a Native American settlement that dates back over 1000 years loctaed on the Central Plains in Missouri.

Issues Related to Excavating at Cahokia -- by Tiffany Thomas

An exploration of ethical issues in maintaining and excavating pre-Columbian sites.

Cahokia Mounds, A World Heritage Site -- by Shannon Wright

A United Nations convention, agreed to by the United States, helps preserve historically significant sites within the borders of participating nations.

Cultural Resource Management -- by Jason Fuesting

An exploration of the need for balancing the investigations of the past with preservation for the future.

Illinois Historical Preservation Agency -- by Sarah Sutter

A description of the function of a state agency dedicated to collect, preserve, interpret, and communicate the diverse cultures of Illinois.

The Center for American Archaeology -- by Amber Jolly

A national organization that offers field schools and supervises archaeological research.

Archaeological Casting -- Joe Krauskopf

A process of making replicas of plant fibers, stone tools, foot prints, and other artifacts using plaster molds.