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The Learning Community Experience

Welcome to the online version of the books that our students and teacher  have written and published about our process of holistic education. Link to the chapters or excerpts of the books that follow. Discover how schools can prepare the learner for the future while playing an important role in transforming the learner's life in deep and significant ways.


artbul1a journey to the heart: Capturing the Spirit of Global Education
a compilation of essays by The Learning Community

"We were able to embrace and be embraced by people of another culture -- physically, emotionally, culturally, and spiritually. In the process, we were able to feel the deep connection of the human spirit. Our connections transcended the boundaries between people, cultures, races, and hemispheres. We had set upon a path to Kenya and, ultimately, took a journey that led back to our own hearts."
a journey to the Heart, page 113

Book cover: Kikuyu girl in Kenya

Links to Content (HTML):
Preparing for the Journey
Exploring the Inner City
Living with the Kikuyu
Overcoming all Barriers
Join in with the Maasai
Reflecting on Our Journey
a journey to the heart captures the personal experiences of twenty-one Learning Community students, their teacher, and two parents who created an incredible adventure while traveling through East Africa. The purpose of their experience was to have first-hand interactions with people of another culture, to investigate development in a Third World country, and to find grass-roots service projects to fund. This was done during the school year and was part of our curriculum. It was the first of two such trips to Africa by The Learning Community.


artbul1Each Writes of Passage
a collaboration by Gary Bacon and The Learning Community

"We were asked to imagine ourselves living in the world fifty years from now. I saw myself sitting on a mountain top reflecting on a life well-spent. I remember when I decided to direct my life toward creating a better world. My life was transformed. Suddenly the way that I got to my destination and my experience along the way became more important to me. Getting somewhere in a hurry or spending the journey distracted by my racing thoughts or the radio no longer felt satisfying. I gave up my car for the fresh air of a bike ride or a walk to work or the smile and conversation of a stranger on the train.
Each Writes of Passage, page 177

Book cover: circle of students

Links to Content (PDF):
The Beat of the Distant Drum
Following the River to the Sea
Finding the Face Behind the Mask
Fighting for a Place to Stand
On the Road to Citizenship
Protecting the Birds in the Nest
Harmonizing the Voices in the Choir
Discovering the Essence of Learning
A View From the Mountain Top
You are invited to experience a blend of nine personal stories written by our students. These stories are representative of today's youth culture and illustrate powerful responses to the challenges of contemporary society -- true stories about rape, prejudice, depression, drugs, illegal immigration, poverty and environmental degradation. Accompany these teenagers as they respond to their issues with tolerance, support, responsibility, commitment, and love.
Each path that these young people have chosen leads to our classroom in which they spend half of their school day co-creating a powerful transformative experience. The experience is not a preparation for life -- it is life. These students have responded to an invitation to become better human beings, to work cooperatively, to inquire and question, and to help create a healthier world.
Each of these young people has a unique gift. Each is challenged by the circumstances of life. Each is transformed by the experience to a higher level of participation in life. Each writes of passage into adulthood.
In order to read the chapters of Each Writes of Passage, you will need to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat.
Acrobat can be obtained free from Adobe Systems.


artbul1ESSENTIAL EDUCATION: Drawing Forth the Golden Child
by Gary Bacon, Ph.D.

"Creating events that have potential for essence level meaning is not always easy. Every every experience that a teacher sets up that is devoid of meaning for the learner creates separation in the learner. It separates the learners from their experience, life becomes objectified, and the learner becomes alienated from the very life system in which they are a vital part."
Essential Education, page 208

Book cover: Mt. Shasta -- water cycle

Table of Contents:
I. In the Primordial Forest
II. The Dream Vision
III. The Spirit of Initiation
IV. Personal Awakening and Integration
V. Group Awareness and Integration
VI. Co-creating a Learning Community
VII. Toward a Global Consciousness
VIII.The Quest for Transformation
IX. Standing on the Threshold of a New Dream
Essential Education characterizes the early Learning Community experience. This 285 page book presents a blend of educational theory, anecdotal experiences, and personal insights that influenced the development of the program and affected the lives of its students. Gary Bacon, who created the program in collaboration with a group students, parents, and other teachers in the 1970s, adapted this book from his doctoral dissertation in Transpersonal Psychology in 1982. The book is about love -- about bringing dreams into reality, learning with kids, eliminating barriers to joy, and exploring mystery as fundamentals of education.
Essential Education will be made available on this site upon request (see e-mail address listed below).


These books can be obtained in printed form from The Learning Community. Profits from the book are used to support service projects and other creative projects sponsored by The Learning Community. Inquire by e-mail or call (650) 321-7458 for details on purchasing these books.
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