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Amelia, A True Pioneer

At age eight, Amelia accompanied her family on a six-month odyssey in a covered wagon across the Great Plains of North America. They had to bring all of the provisions and livestock that they would need for their California homestead.

The journey was slow and, sometimes, treacherous. It was customary for family members to walk along side the wagons during the long days' ride. Their only protection, besides their fellow travelers in the wagon train, was an occasional Army post along the way. They trekked northwest past Fort Laramie & Bridger along the Oregon Trail to Fort Hall, then headed southwest to a new home in California.

One of the best measures of a mother's character is in the perception of her adoring child. The following inscription was written on the back of a picture found in the effects of her daughter Mary Amelia Swift:
"My very Godly Mother who loved her dear children.
Bless her dear heart."

Above: On of Amelia's favorite figurines that she kept in her Treasure Box.

Right: William & Amelia's wedding license, witnessed by Mrs. Eliza Wookey & her cousin, James Overton; both were listed as residents of Antelope in Butte County. The marriage took place in the residence of Eliza Wookey, Anson Swena officiated as Minister of the Gospel.

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