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The Swift Family transition to city life was in full swing
when the Roaring Twenties came roaring in. Gasoline
powered cars were replacing horse-drawn transports, electric
powered trolley cars whisked people on their way, and fashion
and fun blossomed, as the Victorian restraints faded.

The San Francisco Bay Area was growing rapidly, although
in Susie's little community, her mail was simply addressed,
Susie Holsclaw, Richmond, CA. While Susie (left) never
remarried, she seemed to enjoy herself in the cultural activities
of the day and, even in her later life, was adventuresome
and eccentric, as well gregarious.

Essie and her husband, Lew, were busy in Richmond, as well.
Lew's business, Citizens Transfer, was growing, necessitating
the purchase of one of those newfangled gas-powered
machines.In the June 1, 1913 photo (below), Lew Peters is in
the passenger seat, Essie is standing on the running board in
back, and the owners of the Smoke House, Mr.. and Mrs..
Dilley, can be seen standing under their business sign.

Tom & Mary were also establishing themselves in the
Richmond-Oakland areas. A full account of their lives will
be covered in the Bacon Family chapter.

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