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Voices and Images of the
Students, Teachers, Parents, and Supporters
 of The Learning Community

The following audio and video clips contain insights into the nature of The Learning Community and the nature of true education. Each clip represents a unique quality of our program.

Three sets of files are provided. If you have any difficulty in accessing these files, please contact Gary Bacon.
The video links in column two are provided for visitors whom have access to a DSL modem or a T1 or T3 Internet connection. These faster Web servers are often only available to corporate or institutional users. These links access large video files that would take too long to download for modem-equipped users. Power users may simply click on the underlined links below to see and hear our stories.
Smaller video files in column three are provided for users whom have access to ISDN or Cable modems (or for time-strapped DSL users). These files have been parsed from the larger files in column two. As in the above option, simply click on the underlined links to see and hear our stories.
Audio links are provided in column four for visitors to our site whom are using slower Web access devices such as dial-up modems (e.g. 28K or 56K baud modems). These audio-only clips have shorter download times, but do not offer the streaming video of the first two options. Click on the pictures in column four to listen to the audio recordings.
If your web browser is not equipped with a utility for displaying on-line video clips, go to the Apple Quick Time Web Site and download the free version of Quick Time. Quick Time and other media players will provide both video and audio output.
The audio and video clips in the table below have been extracted from a fourteen-minute, student-crafted video entitled, "The Learning Community Experience," which is available for purchase by contacting The Learning Community.
We hope that you enjoy viewing and/or listening to The Learning Community's unique approach to a holistic and transformative education.



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Daniel, Tyler, and
Alumnus Travis
I am living my integrity, discovering my interests, and opening my mind.
Gary Bacon, teacher/ coordinator
We engage in hands-on experiences & actively find out about the world.
Jerry Hearn, teacher and ecologist
Student energy
Find the Path
Students take active responsibility to plan and to find their unique paths.
Ayla, a second-year Student
Individual interest
Group energy
When I am involved in the learning, it becomes part of me; and I remember.
Ayla's Mom Susan
Students are responsible for themselves and accountable for being on their own.
Hilary, a First-year Student 
Cocreated Curriculum
Follow interests
As students in the LC, we pursue areas that match our interests and help us reach our goals.
Gary Bacon, teacher/ coordinator
Open system
Open model
search for truth
Ours is a search for truth, the process is not like life, it is life.
Daniel's Dad Kevin Carr
Trusting Kids
School & trust
To be trustworthy
Let students set
If we want trustworthy kids, we need to trust kids to set their own standards.
Gary Bacon, teacher/ coordinator
Building Community
Personal needs
Group building
We are engaged in learning & caring; we also learn to build community.
Gary Bacon, teacher/ coordinator
Process Based
Real learning
How to learn
Real learning is still relevant 5, 10, 20 years from now.
Ayla's Mom Susan
Higher-Level Ed
Higher level Ed
My daughter's schooling is much like my graduate school experience.
David, First-year Student & Videographer
Inquiry & Perception
Now, I can make inquiries into the nature of things and draw my own conclusions.
Alumnus Jenn Miller
Inspiration & Change
Reason to learn
When we have a reason to learn and to live, we can take on the world.
Jerry Hearn, teacher and ecologist
Value of Diversity
Multiple paths
A seed
We need a diversity of options in a diverse society; the future is unknown
Daniel's Dad Kevin Carr
Creating the Future
This Century
LC is answer
We will face difficult challenges this century; we need person-centered skills
Alumnus Jenn Miller
Confronting Humanity
Personal issues
Confront Self
Grow together
We became strong as we confronted our humanity together
Hilary, a First-year Student 
Intrinsic Motivation
I am motivated to learn because I can see how it benefits myself & others
Gary Bacon, teacher/ coordinator
Life-long learning
My life changed
Personal value
I have watched my own life change as I have worked with young people
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