Relieving Suffering, Rebuilding Lives


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Now that Hurricane Mitch has gone and left its wrath, the survival and the reconstruction of the Central American countries is a imperative.


There are three stages to this reconstruction, which, when completed, will bring relief and normalcy to even these destroyed third-world countries.

Stages in Disaster Relief

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1.    The first stage was the challenge over the past month. Emergency supplies came in for about 2          weeks, they lasted for the first month.

2.    The second stage began after the first month of the disaster. It involves keeping these people alive over the next 2 years until stage three is begun.

3.    Number three, the long-term necessity, requires rebuilding the infrastructure. In this repair lies most challenging prospect of all, repairing the smashed economies. This will require the greatest help from the citizens and governments of the world.

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