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The third step: Rebuilding.

In order to rebuild these countries many things will be needed including:

figure 14 Time, effort and hope.

I7_money.jpg (10697 bytes) Many billions of dollars in financial help.

figure 16 And finding new ways of living, which will prevent future disaster.


Time and Effort:

a quote by Jethro Pettit, of World Neighbors International Programs:

"The rebuilding of homes and roads will be a major priority. Program teams will be working full-time to guide and assist Communities and cooperatives in their reconstruction efforts all in keeping with the World Neighbors practice of self-help community capacity building."


The damage in these countries is estimated at 20 billion dollars.

Because of this fact many nations have decided to cancel debts owed to them from Honduras and Nicaragua.

France figure 17    Cuba figure18    Spain figure 19    USA figure 20

France, Cuba, and Spain have canceled all debts owed to them. The news from the United States keeps changing. All we can say now is that the US will do whatever it can to aid in the renewal of the country.

New alternatives:

figure 21

After this disaster it is all too clear how much damage slash and burn farming has done to the ecostructure. Alternative methods of farming are becoming more common. Many farmers are now starting to use terracing and a method of organic farming called the Quezungal method. Agronomists believe that if the Agricultural Infrastructure is rebuilt so that it provides for sustainability, the long term profits will be much greater.

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