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Rubric for Evaluating Collaborative Projects

Evaluate each group's web-page presentation using the criteria provided below. Rate each criterion on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 is best), then add the ratings to create a composite score.

Introduction: Contains a clear introductory paragraph that previews the information or issue to be presented
The body: The report contains sufficient information to adequately convey the events or issues under study
Intellectual depth: Examines the underlying events, policies, or actions in a rigorous academic manner in which critical thinking takes precedence over rhetoric.
Reporting style: Report is written in a a fair and unbiased manner
Presentation: The data and graphic elements are presented in an effective and esthetically pleasing manner
Use of graphics: Uses sufficient pictures, charts, maps, etc. to give an effective and engaging account of the topic
Links to outside sources: Has several annotated links to other Internet sources that provide a broader, in-depth picture of the issue
Bibliography: Gives proper references for all pictures, graphic elements, quotations, and information sources used in the report
Conclusion: Has a strong concluding paragraph that sums up the information in the report in an effective and concise manner
Presenter’s assessment: Presents the reporters’ values, assumptions, opinions, or bias of the events or policies contained in the report

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Composite Rating: sum of each of the above criteria

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Additional comments (what critical points were omitted, etc.):

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