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Objectivity in the U.S. Media

While the US government attempts to pressure the Cuban government to change, change must come from within. Many see that change will come through greater exchange of information. The flow of information about Cuba also needs to be more fairly presented in the US press. Basically the US has licensed non-governmental groups, CNN and at least 10 other news bureaus to open offices in Cuba. Ultimately, the CNN’s presence in Cuba should increase the information available to the world about life in Cuba, this is all possible with the Libertad Act, title II, and the measures announced by the President in October 1995.

But what is really being done? Let’s take a closer look at a CNN report. Craig Nelson, a savvy, New York journalist, submitted a report that was significantly altered by editors. In his report entitled "CIA takes blame for Bay of Pigs," he reported that the CIA’s handling of the 1961 invasion attempt was characterized by "ignorance, incompetence and arrogance." After submission of his report, CNN published an edited version entitled "CIA declassifies Bay of Pigs Report." Notice the passive nature of the edited version.

Follow this link to view our group's dramatic comparison of how the news that reaches the American people differs from how the news originates!
CIA takes blame for bay of pigs
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