Trade Limits

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Limits On Trade

"... no products, technology or services may be exported from the United States to Cuba, either directly or through third countries, such as Canada or Mexico."
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Office of Foreign Assets Control

There is no selling of U.S. goods to Cuba , except for informational material and certain humanitarian goods.  It is possible to donate food to any non-governmental organization, also one could send medical supplies to Cuba, but that requires a license.  However, sending money to Cuba poses a problem. One could send money only to immediate family members and only after obtaining a license and an affidavit--licenses must be acquired from the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

In addition to the regulations involved with the monetary processes, exchanging gifts is closely monitored.  Although a gift may be sent to Cuba, its value must be less than $200 and only one package may be sent each month to any recipient.  The parcel sent is limited to food, medicinal supplies, etc. For more than one parcel per month, a license must be acquired from the U.S. Department of Commerce, failing to do so results in the government seizing the package.

Ultimately the goal of the sanctions is to isolate Cuba economically, and deprive it of U.S. dollars. Doing so would mean a total freeze on Cuban assets.  In effect, any financial dealings between the U.S. and Cuba, and all property owned by U.S. persons in Cuba, is "blocked."  Any bank, either here or any branches overseas, that comes into possession of any documents referencing Cuba must block it.

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