Missle Crisis

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Cuban Missile Crisis

In October of 1962, United States Intelligence found that the Missile SitesSoviet Union was constructing nuclear missile bases in Cuba that were capable of attacking the United States, and much of Latin America. When confronted the Soviet Union denied that the missiles were offensive, though aerial photographs proved that they were.
During a somber television address Kennedy condemned the Soviet Union for lying and placed all ships going to Cuba under quarantine. If any offensive weapons would be found the ships would be turned back. The President further annunciated that any missile launched from Cuba on to anywhere in the Western Hemisphere would be seen as an attack by the Soviet Union, and the United States would respond against the Soviets.
Kennedy and KhrushchevPresident Kennedy called for the prompt dismantling and removal of any offensive weapons in Cuba. Tense days followed when much of the nation  witnessed Soviet ships heading toward American blockade. Finally, after a series of letters and negotiations with Kennedy, Soviet Premier Khrushchev agreed to dismantle the missile sites and return all nuclear weapons if the United States would promise Castro that they would not invade Cuba.
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