Operation Mongoose

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Operation Mongoose

United States Foreign Policy makers concluded that Cuban President Fidel Castro was unwilling to subjugate his country to the US. This was several years before the US Congress forbade the Executive Branch of government from carrying out covert actions leading to the assassinations of a foreign leader. Operation Mongoose began a period of overt and covert attempts to destabilize Cuba, to overthrow the government of Cuba, and to assassinate Castro. Years later, reporters using the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the US Government even hired the Mafia to carry out assassination attempts on Castro.

November 1, 1961:

In a memo to President Kennedy, Richard Goodwin, the White House specialist on Latin America, advises that Attorney General Robert Kennedy would be the most effective commander of a new plan to overthrow Prime Minister Castro: Operation Mongoose. Goodwin and the Attorney General have been joined in planning Operation Mongoose by CIA operative General Edward G. Lansdale, who engineered the presidency of Ramón Magsaysay in the Philippines against the Hukbalahap rebellion and then went to Vietnam where he set up the Saigon regime of Ngo Dinh Diem.
For further information, see: Cuba & the United States: A Chronological History

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