Crumbling Infrastructure

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    Honduras  and Nicaragua  were hit the hardest with winds up to 180mph. Reconstruction of ninety-three Honduran highways would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Nothing remains but a series of islands.

    The economies of these countries are destroyed and the goverments are overwhelmed. The crops of Chiquita Banana and large coffee corporations have been wiped out.

Pollution, Global Warming, and Deforestation Contributed to the Damage. The destruction of forests aided to the erosion of soil and the problem of excessive pollution. Pollution (excess CO2 in the atmosphere,) aided to the development of Global Warming. The effects of Global Warming brought about optimum conditions for the creation of hurricanes.

    Rivers had overflowed causing widespread flooding and ruining crops. All future crops are jeopardized; the farmland will take several years to recover. Lakes Managua and Nicaragua had overflowed and merged, flooding the lowlands.

    Highways have been flooded and blocked with debris; many have been destroyed.wpe7.jpg (9363 bytes)

The Pan American Highway is a major road for   transportation in  Central America.

The Pan American highway has been blocked with massive mudslides and parts have been destroyed.

   Villages have been wiped out by strong winds and floods. People were left without homes or their livelihood.

The Results:

Countless injuries, over 10,000 Dead and enormous destruction.

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   Between one and two million people were left homeless, and many are still missing. People were buried alive in mudslides, entangled in sugar cane, and trapped in their own homes. 

    Polluted water has contributed to outbreaks of dengue fever, cholera, conjunctivitis, hepatitis B, typhoid, diarrhea, and skin allergies.

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