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Average income


Living conditions: rural, urban







    The average income for Central America is around $600 per year, although it is common for a family to make less than 250 dollars per year.

    In rural areas, most people live in small houses made of mud and woven branches. In the cities, people live in small apartments, and very few own cars.


    Central America is largely Roman Catholic. Religion plays a large role in the lives of the people.


    75% of all Central American people lack the proper vitamins for good health. There is a high degree of malnutrition, high infant mortality rates (63 deaths/1,000 live births). Major diseases: malaria, enteric diseases, and typhoid, influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia. Life expectancy is below 65 years in most places. Medical Care: minimal for most of the population. Adequate health care is available to those able to pay the high cost. Health care for the poor is extremely limited.

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