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Gary's Montana Nature Excursion -- Fall 2003

The slides display scenes that I was able to get into my camera lens (except the shot of me fly-fishing in the Missouri River was taken by my old friend of 40 years, Stan Todd). Scenes that I saw, but not through the lens of my camera, were—a big grizzly bear running away up the road near by where I was camped, 150 elk grazing in a farmer’s alfalfa pasture one afternoon, curious Antelope standing near my campsite at dawn, a foot-long turtle swimming under water in a small stream, a bee’s nest the size of a soccer ball (I kept my distance), countless Whitetail Deer with their foot-long tails sticking upward like flags, two sets of Golden Eagles circling over me as I fished, and many beautiful sunsets and sunrises. All of these scenes, plus stunningly beautiful mountains, valleys, and fall colors are alive in my mind’s eye—but not on film.