Biography of the Artist

Even in his early years as a child growing up in Montana, Gary Bacon was fascinated by cameras and photography. As a boy he experimented with a small hand-me-down bellows camera and developed his film and produced prints in a little darkroom he built under the basement stairs of his family’s home. Many cameras later amid escalating technological advances, Gary still finds himself fascinated by images and the interplay between content and consciousness. This time Gary hunkers down behind a computer screen where vast amount of time evaporates into the ether, while images seem to take on a life of their own as the artist experiences unexpected and delightful transformations.

Somewhere in between these two connecting realities of boy and man lie over twenty years of schooling, forty years of teaching, and six years of retirement. A common theme through these life-experiences has been the interrelationship of individual and nature, self and other, and humanness and numinosity. The creative process is a very effective avenue for bridging opposites. It suspends the artist between landscape and individual consciousness. It takes oneself out of the individual reality and lets him or her hover, almost dream-like, in a rich dynamic state.
Gary Bacon

Gary found this same special quality in his approach to education, spending the last thirty years of his professional life as the founder-director-teacher of a small innovative high school program in Los Altos, California. Currently, he is retired in a quiet neighborhood of Palo Alto where he can be found working in his vegetable garden, tinkering in his woodshop, or weaving digital tapestries from the yarn of memorable photographs that he has taken in far-away places.

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