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The Mystique of Ancient Landscapes series

Gary Bacon unified his interests in culture, mysticism, and imagery when he captured these images from Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, the Greek Islands of Simi and Rodos, the magical inland region of Cappadocia, and the ancient city of Istanbul. Each image encapsulates the aesthetic, historical, and underlying mystique of the ancient landscape of Turkey. This region has served as the threshold between two worlds—geographically, culturally, and spiritually. Each conquering army, whether it was the Persians, the Hellenistic Greeks, or the Romans, left its mark on the landscape of Turkey. The resulting historical artifacts not only serve as archeological markers in time, but also bear psychic imprints of people who have lived there. Gary has attempted to capture this lingering sense of time, place, and people that infuses the landscape with an esoteric presence and serves as a constant companion for the curious traveler to the region.

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