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Ancient Cloth Tradition Transmigrated to Digital Canvas

Artist Gary Bacon has perfected a means of taking richly colored images that he has photographed in exotic locations around the world and transforming them electronically into abstract tapestry-like images. Some of these images, although printed on flat print media and canvases, appear to have the depth of woven objects.

Gary was influenced as a child while watching his grandmother fashion embroideries, braided rugs, patchwork quilts, crocheted bed spreads and other hand-crafted designs. She grew up on the family homestead near Chico in northern California during a period when idle hands were put to task crafting practical necessities for the household.

Now, Gary brings the imagery from his grandmother’s craft to the digital age by incorporating the appearance of cloth patterns and design structures into the multiplicity of his digital artwork. He credits his grandmother for emphasizing the creation of durable forms and imbuing in him an appreciation of the fundamental and unique artistry that unites these two disparate media. This connection effectively creates a bridge across centuries of artistic endeavor.

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