It's About Cosmic Evolution


It’s About Cosmic Evolution by Gary Bacon is a newly published book containing the author's annotated illustrations that relate to the origin of the universe, the solar system, the earth, life, consciousness, humankind, culture, and spirituality. The concluding chapter speculates on the purpose of life and the nature of afterlife. The book is not prescriptive, nor does it contain an ideology or a methodology.

Gary has devised a modern revolutionary codec for deciphering and understanding the wisdom of 20th Century French philosopher, paleontologist, and priest Teilhard de Chardin and other visionaries; thereby making futuristic thinking available to a whole new generation of people. Gary brings his own personal experiences to bear to illustrate that by expanding human consciousness we can contributes to the larger evolution of planetary consciousness.

The work is contained in a colorful and beautiful 12”x12” hardcover book that contains 35 annotated color plates. Links are provided below to enable you to view the cover and table of contents, preview a few select pages of illustrations and commentaries, read the author's biography, and, if you wish, to purchase the book.



A personal note…

A good book can be like a set of keys. One key can open the door to the past and help us understand the world from which we came. Another key can open the door to the future and help us make an educated guess about where we are going. Still another key can open us to our inner consciousness and enable us to understand and appreciate our deepest sense of being.

“It’s About Cosmic Evolution” can be used as a set of keys. It is about making conceptual openings into the origins of the universe, appreciating the spiritual depths attainable in the here and now, and seeing the importance of participating in earth’s conscious evolution. As a personal tool of meditation, it can be used as a key to explore the inner world. As a conversation tool with friends, it can be used as a key to stimulate deeper discussions into the meaning of life.

I am sure that you will enjoy reading and sharing It's About Cosmic Evolution. The book would make a colorful addition to your bookshelf or your coffee table, while providing you with many keys for personal insight.



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